McDonalds Relationship


McDonald's Corporation, Customers & Vendors

Local McDonald's restaurants and their customers provide 10-15% of the RMHC-NM operating budget annually.  McDonald's customers show their support by donating change in the restaurant donation boxes.

The partnership with McDonald’s Corporation and Ronald McDonald House Charities and its programs dates back to the charities inception.  In 1974 an NFL team in Philadelphia, a children’s hospital, and McDonalds worked together to open the first “home-away-from-home” for families with seriously ill children. They wanted to create a place where these parents could be with others providing emotional support not knowing it would grow to be an international phenomenon.

Members of the McDonald’s; franchisees, crew members, suppliers and business partners provide participation and support from local, national and international sources. Locally they provide RMHC-NM Board and Committee Members, event support and utilize their restaurants, food promotions, advertising dollars, packaging and donation boxes to create customer awareness and support for the charity. Additionally, we get to share best practices and assistance in areas such as legal, tax, accounting, safety and security, human resources, communications, construction and maintenance with other Houses and RMHC Programs. Their support also helps to minimize costs that we would otherwise incur conducting fundraising, and delivering program services.

The McDonald’s Family has always been there, and continues to extend its support and resources to the growing RMHC system worldwide.


Bringing help and hope to families of ill and injured children