Medical Community Relationship

Medical Collaborators

Albuquerque is the medical hub for our region in specialized and emergency pediatric care. This region extends beyond state borders. Local medical and social workers collaborate with us providing families referrals to RMHC-NM. We work with Presbyterian Hospital, UNM Children’s Hospital, UNM Children’s Psychiatric Center, Lovelace Women’s Hospital, and Carrie Tingley Hospital among others. The hospital role is to refer families in need of supportive affordable accommodations to our Programs.

"Once you have stayed, the invitation to return remains open. Often children require multiple trips here for ongoing medical treatment."

Statistics on House families show nearly 45% have premature infants and another 25% have cancer or respiratory illnesses.

NM has some of the nation’s highest pediatric morbidity and mortality rates.

We also rank high in ‘Overall Child Vulnerability’, low birth weights, child deaths, and preventable teen deaths.


RMHC-NM provides unduplicated programs and complimentary services providing for families housing, respite, and daily needs.


Our goal is to be recognized in New Mexico as a valued partner to the health care delivery system for children providing life enhancing opportunities for them and their families