Katie’s Kart

Our Katie’s Kart hospitality cart ensures that families with an infant in the Neonatal Units of Lovelace Women’s Hospital have access to new books, activity sets, toys, individually wrapped snacks, toiletries, and other small comforts, free of charge. It is our hope that Katie’s Kart will be a simple reminder that families have a network of supporters quietly working to bring them relief during a challenging time.

Why do families use Katie’s Kart?

All families of pediatric patients are welcome to use Katie’s Kart and do not need to be guests of a Ronald McDonald House or Family Room.

The Impact of Our Program

Whether it’s a day of appointments or an inpatient stay, waiting long hours in the hospital can take a toll on families. Katie’s Kart hopes to make the long hours a little easier. Our hospitality cart program aims to provide needed resources and comfort items to families directly in patient rooms and waiting areas. It can be found rolling through the halls stocked with hygiene and comfort items, a selection of healthy snacks, family-centered activities, games, and craft kits. Our caring volunteers and staff deliver these items with lots of love and a smile. The Katie’s Kart also allows Ronald McDonald House Charities of New Mexico to serve families that may not work with our other programs. We are excited to extend our support and resources to serve more families with this unique program.

Katie’s Kart Sponsor Benefits

• Prominent recognition sign on Katie’s Kart, which will be seen by thousands of visitors each year.

• Invitation to visit Katie’s Kart to see first-hand the impact you are making on our guest families’ lives.

• Recognition in donor newsletter.

• Social media acknowledgment.

• Invitation to donor events.

• First right of renewal at the end of your commitment.

• Satisfaction in knowing that you’re helping families during their time of need.