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Pop Tab Collection Contest

Kids Pulling For Kids

Our annual pop tab collection contest for schools is open for registration for the 2021-22 school year!

Why Pop Tabs?
Pop Tabs are easy to remove, take up a small amount of storage space, are cleaner and– most importantly – they are pure aluminum and completely recyclable.

Please note: many manufacturers are now using steel cans with pull tabs. Steel tabs are not a part of this program – only aluminum tabs.

Not sure how to tell?
Steel tabs will stick to a magnet, but aluminum tabs will not. Please make sure there are no steel tabs, bottle caps, or other trash with your Pop Tabs
– even a little bit can result in the rejection of the entire batch!

Collect Pop Tabs in any easy-to-empty container – zip lock bags or coffee cans work well, but not milk or juice jugs. RMHC Pop Tab Collection Houses are also available.

How to Join the 2021-22 Contest

Sign up

Complete the 2021-22 School Pop Tab collection contest registration form.
Email the form to terri@rmhc-nm.org by Friday, November 5, 2021.

Begin Pulling

Spread the word in your school and community.
Have students, teachers, parents, and families collect Pop Tabs.

Turn in Your Pop Tabs

Each school is responsible for delivering their collected Pop Tabs to:
Rudy’s Downtown Recycling, 1224 2nd Street, NW, Albuquerque. Rudy will weigh the tabs, give you a receipt, and then he will give the money raised from your tabs, along with a copy of the receipt, to RMHC-NM.

The School Pop Tab Collection Contest ends April 30, 2022.

Let Us Know How You’re Doing

We encourage students, teachers, and schools to share their Pop Tab stories, progress, and photos.

Become a fan of the Ronald McDonald House Charities of New Mexico Facebook & Instagram pages, then post your photos and updates. Or, email them to terri@rmhc-nm.org.

To learn more about the Pop Tab collection contest, please contact Terri Ross at 505-842-8960 or terri@rmhc-nm.org.