David Bridwell

David Bridwell had felt the tug to volunteer for many years before joining our team in 2019. A hard-working man, he found it difficult to commit the time while juggling the responsibilities of life. He kept his ears open, learning what needs and opportunities were available. He continued to feel that urge to give back, and upon retirement, endowed with newly acquired freedom and a bundle of energy, he all but leaped in at RMHC-NM.

Since then, he’s been a staple on our volunteer team and a dedicated partner for our maintenance crew. He can usually be found somewhere around the Yale House, fixing things, restocking food, hauling carts, or climbing ladders.  Whatever he’s doing, his smile is eager and his demeanor warm and welcoming.

As with most of our volunteer positions, David’s post is auxiliary, most of which goes on behind the scenes. He goes along, taking care of the little, big, and exciting tasks that maintain the building(s) and keep them looking sharp. (David has also become our preferred Christmas tree topper extraordinaire.)

Through volunteering, he has a unique, fly-on-the-wall perspective of how RMHC-NM impacts families.  When asked about the Charity’s work David says, “I wish other people could actually witness the difference that RMHC makes in the lives of the families that are served.” He takes great joy and responsibility in the privilege of keeping things running smoothly at both our Houses and Family Room programs.

Recently, David has found himself in the middle of additional, random projects throughout our Yale House refresh. He’s been here multiple times a week, helping Bill, our facilities supervisor, and the rest of the staff get things broken down, fixed up, changed, moved, or whatever is needed.

When David joined, he didn’t know exactly what that would entail. (It keeps things interesting!) However, that didn’t hold him back, and he urges others to do the same. “Don’t worry about your skills or available time; just jump right in. It will make a difference [no matter what you can contribute].”  He believes there’s a place for everyone willing to step up.

David brings so much joy here, completing his tasks with a smile and swanky ponytail. We’re so thankful for the time, energy, and dedication he’s given.